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American Association of Individual Investors
Nonprofit educational group founded in 1978.

American Savings Education Council
Nonprofit national coalition of public- and private-sector institutions trying to raise public awareness about saving for retirement. Offers online tools.

Consumer Action
Nonprofit consumer education and advocacy group founded in 1971 offers free publications on all aspects of personal finance.

Consumer Federation of America (CFA)
Advocacy, research, education, and service organization founded in 1968. Offers publications on personal finance issues.

Department of Education
Government web site offering a "financial aid" portal with information on financing higher education.

The Dollar Stretcher
Advice on saving money and time.

Fannie Mae Homepath
Information on buying a home.

Federal Trade Commission
Information on consumer topics including credit, investments, working at home, and evaluating franchise and business opportunities.

The Federal Reserve
"There's a Lot to Learn About Money" contains a variety of personal finance articles.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Financial education research center offers information on budgeting, saving and other topics.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
"Building Wealth: A Beginner's Guide to Securing Your Financial Future" contains money basics.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Economic educational publications are offered for free; generally designed for schools, from elementary to college level, although also helpful for the individual consumer.

Federal Citizen Information Center
Click on the "Money" tab for free and low-cost publications on personal finance.
A free comprehensive guide to financial aid for college established by college planning author Mark Kantrowitz.

Financial Literacy and Education Commission
Comprehensive educational web site created as a result of Title V of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act. (Title V established the Commission with the purpose of improving financial literacy and education.)

Flynn Zito Capital Management
Certified financial planners based in New York; check out the "Investment Tools" tab for helpful financial calculators, a glossary of personal finance terms and articles on personal finance.

Garrett Planning Network
A group of financial planners who will meet with clients for a one-time or periodic consultation, charging by the hour. A good option for professional advice if you have a handle on your finances.

GE Center for Financial Learning
Educational web site sponsored by General Electric.
Online journal encourages and promotes the awareness of socially and environmentally responsible business, investing and consumer resources in publications and online.
The money portal on offers basic personal finance advice and message boards, including debt support groups and budgeting tips and ideas.

The indispensable source for all information related to mutual funds.
This web site is run by the company that creates the Fico credit score; the "Credit Education" section of the site explains how credit scores work and offers tips on boosting your credit rating.

National Association of Investors Corporation
Nonprofit group of individual investors and investing clubs focused on education and support; 66 percent of members are women. Founded in 1951.

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors
An organization of planners who do not accept commission for the products they sell. They get paid either a flat fee or a percentage of assets under management.

National Association of Securities Dealers
The NASD is a private regulatory group that licenses brokers. Its web site includes an "Investor Information" tab that allows you to check if your broker or advisor has been disciplined for their sales practices. Look for the "investor brochure" series on all aspects of personal finance and "investor alerts" to help avoid scams and problems.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling
Nonprofit debt counseling group founded in 1951.

Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae is a leading provider of education funding, providing federally guaranteed student loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program.
A comprehensive guide to 529 savings plans.

Securities & Exchange Commission
The SEC regulates the sale of securities; its primary mission is to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the securities markets; see the Office of Investor Education & Assistance for investing information. Also, all companies, U.S. and foreign, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through the SEC. These filings are all available free to the public through the SEC's "EDGAR" database. The SEC's web site offers a tutorial on how to search the EDGAR database.
This web site offers a database of various tax information sites on the web.

Tomorrow's Money
Basic personal finance information, sponsored by the Bond Market Foundation, a nonprofit charitable and educational group organized by members of the bond market industry.

Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement
Nonprofit devoted to providing women with skills and information to improve their economic circumstances and plan for a financially sound retirement. Founded in 1996 with a grant from the Heinz Foundation.

Women's Institute for Financial Education
Nonprofit group founded by financial advisors Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall in the 1980s. Offers general information and special focus on issues related to divorce and widowhood.

401k Help Center
Click on the "Plan Participant Channel" for information on how 401k plans work and how to manage money in a 401k.


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