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Reducing Temptation, Saving Trees

Did you know that 100 million trees are destroyed every year to create junk mail? My junk mail and catalogs literally come in the front door mailbox and go out the back door to the recycling pile. I have been obsessed with reducing the catalog pile since my interview with Colin Beavan, author of the blog (see my Yahoo!Finance column on 9/21 for the details). This is actually really easy to do. I sent a letter to the Direct Marketing Association to remove my name from junk mail mailing lists, which I found at

But even easier, whenever any catalogs arrive in the box, I pick up the phone, call the 800 number and asked to be removed. It takes less than 30 seconds, and the call is free. In a single week I removed my name from the lists of L.L. Bean, J. Jill, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, The Company Store, Home Decorators, American Girl Doll and Oriental Trading (which sends a nefarious number of kid catalogs). You just ask to be removed, no explanation required. Truthfully, I am a sucker for sale catalogs, and have spent more than I’d like to admit on trifles that have zero to do with my larger goals. Zapping your junk catalogs save trees, and mindless purchases. Do it today!

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