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Saving on Back-to-School Shopping on GMA

I worked with Good Morning America on two segments that aired Monday and today, helping the Myer family of Connecticut save on back-to-school supplies and back-to-school clothing. We were able to cut their annual budget in half with a number of strategies. (In my own family, we’re waiting for Labor Day sales to tackle the clothing needs, but we finished our school supply shopping at the end of July, and saved a bundle over last year by shopping at a big-box store (Target) over an office supply store (Staples). Here’s the video from today’s Good Morning America:

Like me, Beth Myers has three kids — Emily, 12, who is going into seventh, Brian, 10, who is entering fifth grade and Lindsay, 3, who is headed off to pre-school. Clothing costs can get pretty hairy at this age, when your kids start to gravitate to the specialty stores in the mall where their friends shop. Here’s the segment where we discussed ways to save on your back to school clothing budget:

Back to school is a great time to talk to kids about the value of a dollar, and try to instill a few money lessons. Click here to see a few of the outtakes with additional ideas.

I also contributed to a slide show featuring a roundup of back-to-school shopping tips. Check out Heather Larson’s story here. How will you save on back-to-school shopping this year? Comment here or email me at laura at laurarowley dot com.

Meanwhile, back-to-school is one tiny drop in an ocean of parental financial responsibility. Is it possible to keep life, and finances, simple and frugal after you have kids? Check out that topic — and post your comments — on my Real Simple blog.

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One Response to “Saving on Back-to-School Shopping on GMA”

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