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I started this site after writing a book by that name, and now I write a weekly column called Money and Happiness for Yahoo! Finance. As a journalist who has covered business and personal finance for twenty years, and an adjunct professor who teaches a college course in values, I have always been fascinated by what people do with their money and why. Because really, cash itself is just an entity that stores value. Understanding the value that it holds for you can change your life - because we structure our lives around money, it often defines the choices we make, and can shape the person we become. More...

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Can money buy happiness? There has been an outpouring of research over the last three decades on what researchers call "subjective well-being." More..


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Visit the Money and Happiness Blog. Like my Yahoo! Finance column, the blog will cover money and happiness, but a little more informal and personal. It will also include brief money tips, news items and helpful tools that I come across that may not warrant a full column.

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Visit Laura's Yahoo! Finance Expert Columns. Drawing from culture, psychology, philosophy, and everyday experience, Laura Rowley looks at how money can facilitate or sabotage happiness.

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